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A World Away

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Echoes in the Dark

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Letter In Jazz
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Tracie Smart

Since the release of her debut album, Echoes in the Dark, singer songwriter Tracie Smart has received rave reviews locally and nationally as well as air play on numerous stations in the U.S. and abroad (including Australia, Germany, Israel, and England). Sold out performances at legendary Club Passim, shows at Somerville Theater, The Fez in New York City and other New England venues helped propel Smart to her award as "Best Folk Artist" in 1997 Boston Phoenix/WFNX Poll. Enigmatic and magical, Tracie's songs feature her haunting voice and lyrical guitar playing. This is beautiful music from a very unusual artist.

A World Away

"... Listening to Tracie Smart's latest CD, "A World Away," brings to mind watercolor paintings of rustic scenes and the peaceful feeling you get after a New England winter storm. Smart's whispering vocals float like a sustained sigh, gliding smoothly over pristine guitars, bittersweet cellos, and the occasional bagpipe drone." David Wildman, The Boston Globe

... Smart's new second album, "A World Away," is a gorgeously crafted sonic adventure, kind of avant-garde, Celtic-inspired art-song gloom. And her dark, evocative voice, which makes Tracy Chapman's seem like a soprano, is a wonder." Dan Gerwertz, The Boston Herald

Echoes in the Dark

"... Smart is not only the best folk artist to emerge in Boston in years, she's the most original. Her beautiful debut album, ... is like a lone candle in the dark ...." Ted Drozdowski, The Boston Phoenix

"... a deep, deep, rich, resonant voice that emanates from some unfathomable cavern of the soul ... expanse of Odetta or Joan Armatrading ...." Lahri Bond, Dirty Linen

"... Lyrically, this album is superior to just about anything I've ever heard ...." Meghan Sheehan, Northeast Performer

"... Smart is one of the hottest new folk singers ...." Chronicle, Channel 5, ABC

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